We welcome spring with major changes

Our training in Kluszkowce was the last one we had under the supervision of our wonderful trainer. Due to his further career plans, we were forced to say goodbye to him. We would like to thank him for all his commitment, a number of good advice, support, time and of course for the knowledge he passed on, and at the same time we wish him many successes in his further professional career!

On March 6, we covered the paths around Lake Turawa for the first time in a smaller group. However, the knowledge and experience gained so far allowed us to continue training ourselves. Because in both groups, everyone agreed that one person should lead the group in order to maintain discipline and the old climate of training. In each of the groups, the leaders selected at the beginning took on new – coaching duties. During the last three weeks, participants had the opportunity to check the effectiveness of their groups’ training, after the changes introduced. We are proud to say that despite the new challenge, both groups are doing their best! 🙂

These are no longer just routine workouts designed to increase the health, awareness and physical endurance of participants. These workouts have become their true passion! We could not have dreamed of better results of our training. Constant commitment, systematicity, constant raising the bar, focus on constant progress and promoting the idea of ​​leading a healthy lifestyle among others, have become indispensable elements of their new everyday life. We can only praise, admire and wait for even more great news. : D

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The little exchange event at the “My Rynek” commune market in Mierzęcice

On a very windy Friday, March 19, 2021. at the “My Rynek” commune market in Mierzęcice at ul. Wolności, there was a free exchange of clothes, the so-called Szafing.

The event was publicized in good time by putting up information posters in nearby towns. Posters were hung on poles, notice boards, local shops, supermarkets, schools and kindergartens. The campaign was held under the slogan “Give your clothes a second life”. From the early hours of the morning, local residents brought unnecessary but wearable used clothes to our stand to replace them with other clothes. Szafing was successful. Ladies asked for the next time, which we already know will take place in April.

We must be aware that by taking part in the above-mentioned events, we give a second life to our things, and at the same time we care for our environment. Changing clothes is not only pro-educational, but also economical.

Easter handicraft workshops

On March 15, 2021. in the “ART-ECO plus” Association based in Siewierz, Easter workshops of artistic handicraft were conducted. The meeting was attended by the members of the above-mentioned Association and the inhabitants of Siewierz and the surrounding area who are interested in traditional crafts and would like to learn how to make Easter decorations and decorations. It was bustling and joyful. During the classes, workshop participants made Easter decorations using the decoupage technique. In addition, the string method was used to create Easter decorations, decorating with guipure, lace, ribbons, embellishment with beads, sequins, a straw and feathers. The above-mentioned compositions were made of, among others: jars after meals for babies, pate baskets, dried field flowers, giving these objects a second life. All participants declared their continued willingness to cultivate their passion for handicraft.

THE SECOND LIFE of plastic bottles – handicraft workshops.

Handicraft workshops conducted on March 8, 2021. in the Non-Public Nursery and Kindergarten “Children’s World” in Siewierz were extremely interesting and interesting. By participating in the activities, children transformed and gave plastic bottles a second life, i.e. upcycling.

However, these workshops exceeded our expectations. Creating ornaments from “nothing” stimulated the creativity of preschoolers and improved their well-being – after all, they reduced the amount of waste themselves. Beautiful flowers were created, the quality and appearance of which do not differ from those bought in the store.

3-day training entitled “In a healthy body, healthy mind”

On February 26-28, 2021, our long-awaited away training took place. We decided to implement it in the town of Kluszkowce, located in the Lesser Poland Voivodeship at the foot of the Pasmo Lubania and Gorce slopes and the Wdżar mountains. Kluszkowce is a small, but incredibly picturesque town that captivated us at first sight. The very view of the Czorsztyńskie Lake with the mountain landscape in the background fills you with energy, and in combination with the sports disciplines practiced by our participants, we get a real energy bomb! 🙂

We were extremely lucky to enjoy this landscape just after warming. The mountains covered with a white coat look magical, but we did not hide our joy from the sight of melting snow, because the spring landscape made it much easier for us to train. As it happens in the mountains, one day we had to arm ourselves with warm jackets, and on the second day the sun illuminated our routes.

The change of the environment for these 3 days not only allowed us to intensify our trainings, but also to fully focus the participants on their health and, of course, tightening new acquaintances. Everyone was enjoying the moment without thinking about their daily duties. What is more, due to the possibility of focusing more attention on sport and healthy eating, our participants felt the need to maintain a healthy lifestyle and to convince the largest group of people, especially their relatives, to this lifestyle. Our participants understood that the project, apart from spreading the idea of a healthy lifestyle, actually helps to change this life for the better. A bit of self-confidence, a little effort and effort and we have a ready recipe for a longer, healthier and, most importantly, happier life! 🙂

So far, the participants of our project have gained a large and extremely valuable dose of knowledge about the technique of practicing selected sports. They learned how the proper organization of everyday life, time control and stress can influence their happiness and health. They learned the secrets of healthy eating, made new friends, and during our training in Kluszkowce they received a condensed dose of all new information and knowledge.

We regretfully parted on the last day, but fortunately our adventure will continue.
For now, we will traditionally share with you our photo report from these wonderful days. 🙂

The little exchange event at the market in Będzin

On Saturday, February 27, 2021. at the largest marketplace in southern Poland, i.e. in Będzin, a cashless exchange of clothes, bags, shoes, records and antiques took place. The barter transactions were made on a thing for thing basis. The idea is recycling.

The action was really popular among people who are close to the idea of ​​the zero waste movement, which includes, among others reducing the amount of possessed items or replacing them. It was organized as part of the project “Give your things a second life!”

Workshop: Recycled Dinosaurs

On February 26, 2021. in the non-public nursery and kindergarten “Children’s World” in Siewierz, in a group of five and six-year-olds, creative workshops entitled Recycled Dinosaurs. During the workshops, the children used materials that are not usually used to play, but end up in the basket, i.e. egg wrappers, toilet paper rolls, plastic caps, i.e. objects that we gave a second life to. These items were a grateful material for creative recycling workshops in which we created ecological dinosaurs. Our eco-dinosaurs were original designs that put a lot of effort and heart into. The workshop was a great opportunity to promote ecology among children and reuse things.

Project meeting – “Conscious Parent Academy – Replacement parent urgently needed!”

On Friday, February 26, 2021, the third meeting of the project’s partner group took place
“The Academy of the Conscious Parent – A replacement parent is urgently needed!” Due to the state of the pandemic, the meeting was held online on the Mirosoft Teams platform.

SMART Foundation together with partners:

The Municipal Social Welfare Center in Żory
Instituto de Apoio à Criança from Lisbon
Viešoji įstaiga Mano šeimos akademija from Kaunas
we focused on improving our website and discussed alternative ways to carry out the training and meeting in Lithuania planned for May. We discussed the action plan and the first steps of creating the “Help-desk” guide.

The little exchange event at the NŻiP “Children’s World” in Siewierz

On February 19, 2021, on Friday at At 2 p.m. in the Non-Public Nursery and Kindergarten “Children’s World” in Siewierz, the action of exchanging individual items was carried out. Two days before the planned operation, an exchange rack was placed in the corridor of the kindergarten. This unique object encouraged children and parents to bring toys, books, bricks, puzzles, stuffed animals and other things that could still be useful to someone.
The presence of individual members of the initiative group on the day of the exchange campaign significantly contributed to the increased interest in the action.
The action made it possible to share (almost) everything. She popularized the idea of ​​a cashless exchange of goods – says the coach of the project “Give your things a second life”.

We celebrate World Cat Day

On February 17, 2021. in the non-public nursery and kindergarten “Children’s World” in Siewierz, children from the “Smurfs” and “Skrzats” groups celebrated the World Cat Day.

On this day, preschoolers willingly participated in ecological workshops on handicrafts, making cat masks by themselves. During the classes, they used recycled materials, e.g. paper, cardboard, textiles. Creating recycled masks was very interesting and creative for children, and at the same time “very creative and aesthetic”.

Cats, kitties, kitties, thank you very much for your commitment in today’s workshops.