Project „DeDAC: Designing Digital Advocacy Campaigns”

Program Erasmus+
Project number 2020-1-IT03-KA105-018168.

„DeDAC: Designing Digital Advocacy Campaigns” aimed to improve the quality of work of youth organisations and youth workers, equipping them with the skills and methods for their professional development in the field of digital youth work and digital communication, in particular, today more than ever needed to intercept young people, transfer to them the common fundamental values of our society and prevent their violent radicalisation. The main activity has been a training course, in which youth workers have been able to acquire new tools and skills and share experiences, knowledge and good practices on digital advocacy through non-formal education activities and indepth thematic sessions with digital specialists.

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The last campaign of the DEDAC project

A recent campaign created during the DEDAC project was devoted to increasing the awareness of young women about their rights …

Second campaign of the DEDAC project!

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Project DEDAC and our “Digital advocacy campaign”!

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DEDAC training

On March 27, 2022 – March 30, 2022, training on the DEDAC- 2020-1-IT03-KA105-018168 project was organized by the Akira organization. …