DEDAC training

On March 27, 2022 – March 30, 2022, training on the DEDAC- 2020-1-IT03-KA105-018168 project was organized by the Akira organization. The training took place in Naples. Seven organizations from seven different countries participated in the meeting, including: Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, Sweden, Italy, Poland and Lithuania. During four days we got to know what the “Digital advocacy campaign” is. Then we were divided into three project groups, so that each group had one member from each organization. Thanks to this procedure, three intercultural groups were created, which were tasked with creating a campaign on any subject, e.g. ecology, health, social life, etc. After choosing the topic of their campaign, the groups had to create a detailed action plan for their campaign. create simple keywords that will also serve as the slogan of the campaign. The project groups had two days for the entire process. After this time, each of the groups presented the results of their work – and this is how 3 different and unique campaigns were created:

  • The first group chose the search for medical volunteers for their campaign to help in the difficult times of the pandemic.
  • The second group created campaigns on conducting social dialogue on issues related to racism.
  • The third group created campaigns on the right of women to decide about their bodies.

We will provide more information on each of the campaigns in separate entries to present the detailed results of the group’s work. At the end of our trip, we summarized together what skills we have gained and which we have developed more thanks to participation in the training. This trip allowed us, as a Foundation, to deepen our knowledge of the “Digital advocacy campaign”, as well as to meet extraordinary people from various organizations.