Project „E-senior”

European Solidarity Corps
Project no 2020-3-PL01-ESC31-094902

The main goal of the project is to introduce the elderly to virtual reality, stimulate their curiosity and present themopportunities they can use to make their lives easier and take care of everyday matters. The indirect goal is to makeyoung people sensitive to the fate of elderly, lonely people. The project is based on intergenerational solidarity: teachingthe elderly to use modern information technologies and to teach young people to take responsibility and learn to respect their elders.

Through the implementation of the project, we intend to help the elderly in everyday life by:

  • encouraging them to contact their family, relatives and other seniors,
  • encouraging them to do intellectual activity,
  • encouraging the use of computers, applications and the Internet

The implementation of the project will allow the achievement of the following results

  • people involved in the project will learn about potential threats and ways to prevent them on the Internet;
  • group members will be able to use the acquired knowledge and skills both in private and professional life;

The expected impact on the group is:

  • increasing the awareness and tolerance of people involved in the project;
  • development of logistic planning skills;
  • time management skills;
  •  increasing public awareness.

The expected impact on the target group is:

  • breaking the barrier and fear of using a computer, the Internet or applications
  • integration of seniors
  • increasing intellectual activity and physical activity