Project „Sports for Everyone”

Project no2020-1-PL01-ESC31-078956

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The project supports the acquisition of competences in the field of healthy lifestyle and physical activity. The project is initiated by a group of young people, but participation in its implementation will be possible for a wide audience from the area of Opolszczyzna – students, students, working people, the unemployed and seniors. The basic criterion for participation in the project is readiness for regular trainings and meetings within the project group. The level of training will be adapted to the capabilities and needs of the participants. The project is intended to integrate the local community and also applies to disadvantaged groups through the involvement of people at risk of social exclusion – people in a difficult economic and life situation, for whom participation in the project will be possible due to adequate support that removes financial, cultural and mental barriers.

The implementation of the project will contribute to:

  • social activation within the local environment
  • development of sport and recreation
  • counteracting social pathologies
  • development of residents’ interests
  • promotion of a healthy lifestyle
  • integration of the local community
  • supporting entrepreneurship through effective use of funds
  • cooperation with other associations and institutions
  • increased knowledge about the activities of associations and initiatives they undertake
  • increase of knowledge about the possibilities of obtaining EU funds for local, national and international activities