About us

The Education Foundation SMART was established on the basis of a notarial deed executed on 15 January 2019 by the notary public. The Foundation is governed by the act of 6 April 1984 on foundations and other acts generally applicable by Polish law and based on the foundation’s statute. It works as an institution which main task is to support schools and educational establishments. The Foundation undertakes actions consisting in planning and conducting activities aimed at improving the quality of school or educational establishment to the extent resulting from its needs. The Foundation was held on the initiative and based on founders’ lifetime experience, resulting from the implementation of various projects under the Leonardo da Vinci program, LLP and Erasmus +, POKL and PO WER, cooperation with educational establishments from European Union countries.

The main goal of the Foundation’s activity is to support education at various grounds, among others by organizing traineeships in European Union countries, courses and trainings for students, teachers and administrative staff from schools and other educational institutions. The Foundation has numerous contacts with workplaces, companies and institutions interested in cooperation in traineeships, courses and tuitions.

To implement the above-mentioned tasks, the Foundation employs teachers and volunteers who have gained their extensive experience by writing, implementing and accounting the projects financed by European Union funds for the last 12 years.

International cooperation, openness, willingness to broaden knowledge and skills are the priorities of the Foundation’s activities.