Project „I understand, I accept it”

Project No. 2021-2-PL01-KA152-YOU-000040964
Implementation period – 01.03.2022 – 31.12.2023

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Technological development does not equate to emotional development. Tolerance is not a simple and obvious thing, it requires a certain sacrifice, acceptance of views with which we do not agree, acceptance of differences in appearance, behavior and culture. In the world of the twenty-first century, people cannot be tolerant of other people, although they themselves require tolerance towards themselves. Therefore, making young people aware that being different is something natural, and understanding other people, their needs and goals is the basis for shaping good relations between neighboring countries.

The aim of the project “I understand, I accept it” is to shape attitudes of tolerance and openness to other people among Polish and Ukrainian youth, and:

  • shaping attitudes in the field of tolerance, acceptance among Polish and Ukrainian youth,
  • strengthening soft skills in the field of interpersonal communication,
  • getting to know the culture of the neighboring country
  • breaking communication barriers,
  • overcoming stereotypes concerning Poland and Ukraine
  • increase in self-confidence of project participants and thus personal development,

The main theme of the project is tolerance and understanding differences, which leads to acceptance.