The first two months of intensive learning are behind us!

In October, our brave seniors started computer classes carried out as part of the “Digital Senior” project no. 2023-2-PL01-ESC30-SOL-000168697.

When more and more autumn colors appeared outside the windows through the leaves changing color, our seniors systematically attended classes to improve their knowledge in the field of computer science.

They are not afraid of the weather when the stakes are so high – knowledge. Seniors take part in the project, divided into 3 groups with different levels of learning, adapted to their knowledge and skills.

In the first two months of learning, the basic group became familiar with basic computer operations. They practiced using a mouse and keyboard, created text documents, saved files and created folders. However, two intermediate groups learned about photo editing, which was very popular among the participants. They also learned about issues related to artificial intelligence and had the opportunity to test it in practice, using, for example, GPT chat to create a trip to Barcelona.

The classes are very well attended, and the seniors’ smiles throughout the entire session assure us that the project is being carried out successfully.