Organizational meeting after the holidays!

We are back after the summer break with recharged batteries and eager to get to work, we are jumping into high gear!

We start, of course, by organizing plans for the next year. Therefore, on September 12, we held a meeting with our seniors from Opole, during which we presented what activities the foundation offers for them after the holidays. We discussed the proposed project classes along with the dates and times that will be tailored to the participants so that as many people as possible can attend them.

Two new projects from the SMART Foundation are starting soon!!!

  • “Digital Senior”
    Computer classes for people 60+ who would like to start their adventure with using a computer or develop their existing competences – we plan to open 3 groups with different learning levels, so we believe that every senior will find a place suitable for his or her current skills.
  • “Healthy Plate”
    Culinary classes for seniors held once a month, during which participants will be able to acquire or develop their culinary skills by preparing healthy and tasty meals and expand their knowledge of nutrition thanks to theoretical classes. In the project, we want to infect participants with the desire to pay attention to what we eat, what products in our kitchen we can replace with healthier substitutes and how to plan our meals so as not to waste food.

We also propose 2 projects from the Egida Foundation, with which we cooperate closely:

  • “I have the right”
    Legal knowledge classes for seniors, which include, among others: topics related to inheritance law, patient rights and benefits that seniors can benefit from. During the classes, there is also time to ask questions about law that concern our participants.
  • “At a Certain Age”
    Artistic classes for people 60+, in which seniors will be able to discover new passions, meet new people and have a nice time. The project will include, among others: art, dance and aqua aerobics classes.

All classes take place in Opole, so we invite all interested people from the Opole Voivodeship to participate in the projects.

How to apply?

By phone – 500 714 676
By e-mail:
In person – Opole, ul. Katowicka 65/ 3A (second floor)