A toy made of… garbage, i.e. ecological handicraft workshops

Every child likes to play with toys: creative, educational or interactive. However, the greatest fun is playing with a toy made by yourself. Therefore, preschoolers from the Private Nursery and Kindergarten “Świat Dziecka” in Siewierz, during the June classes organized as part of the project “Little with age, but big with eco-heart!” project no.: 2022-3-PL01-ESC30-SOL-000097905, created toys from garbage i.e. the so-called “catchers”. When creating toys, children used: plastic bottles, string, aluminum foil, colored paper. During the classes, the youngest participants of the project learned that recycled items can also be used to play together.

Workshops of this type help to teach many preschoolers to care for the environment, and at the same time awaken numerous layers of creativity in children.