Nordic Walking classes for people of all ages

Holidays are a great opportunity to increase your physical activity. It is also a great time to improve fitness, health and immunity. Sunny weather is conducive to all outdoor activities.

In the first days of the holidays, i.e. on July 4, 2023, seniors from Sosnowiec participating in the project “Young in Spirit” project no.: 2022-2-PL01-ESC30-SOL-000091172 participated in Nordic Walking classes.

The march with poles was led by instructor Daniel Gałużny – president of the School Sports Association in Sosnowiec, physical education teacher, sports enthusiast. He has conducted classes with seniors many times and has very good relations with elderly people.

At the beginning of the meeting, the instructor gave the participants instructions on how to properly hold the poles, how to perform the movement and how to adjust the pace to the possibilities.

16 seniors participated in the march with poles. Together we walked a 5-kilometre route along Stawików in Sosnowiec.

The classes are very popular among people of all ages. Nordic Walking is not only a walk but also gymnastics involving all parts of the body.

We are planning more such walks to actively enjoy the charms of summer.