Lecture on “The life of bees and their importance for the entire planet” in Przedszkole Publiczne im. Winnie the Pooh in Sarnów

Bees have inhabited our planet for a very long time and still play a huge role in the plant and animal world around us. They produce honey, which they willingly share with people. However, the importance of bees is very great. Albert Einstein once said that if the bees disappeared, humanity would live a maximum of 4 more years.

On June 12, 2023. the youngest participants of the European Solidarity Corps project “Young at heart, but great at eco-heart” project no.: 2022-3-PL01-ESC30-SOL-000097905 attending the Public Kindergarten Winnie the Pooh in Sarnów from the Tigers I and Tigers II group had the opportunity to participate in a very interesting and interesting lecture about bees and their importance for the entire planet. The lecture began with the answer to several basic questions, i.e.:

– who is a beekeeper?

– what is a hive?

– what do bees need in nature?

– what makes a bee family?

– what is the importance of bees for the whole planet?

– why should we care for them?

– how do we obtain bee honey?

The lecturer, Mrs. Magda – a pre-school education teacher, told the preschoolers the history of honey hunting, explained what it is and how honey is produced and what types of honey there are. During the speech, she also drew attention to the high properties of honeycomb, which strengthens the gums and protects the teeth. The lecture was very interesting and interesting. Educational film “We take care of bees – the life of a bee family” encouraged children to get to know bees and their importance for the planet.

At the end of the lesson, each of the preschoolers made a flying bee. During the workshops, children used natural resources. We make sure that items such as glues, markers and crayons are environmentally friendly.