We develop mobile skills

June classes with our seniors participating in the project “E-Senior 2” No.: 2022-1-PL01-ESC30-SOL-000067331 are focused mainly on working with the phone. Seniors want to develop their smartphone skills and ask a lot of questions about using it.

In addition to solving everyday problems of seniors related to using the phone, we focused on installing helpful applications. One of them is “when he arrives”. Many of our seniors use photos of timetables taken by them at specific stops. Thanks to the application, they can view all timetables of each stop in one convenient place, and additionally they can check where a given bus is currently located. Another application that seniors liked is the “storm monitor”, which informs us about impending rainfall or storms.

During the classes, the participants also learned how to share their location with a loved one, if, for example, they could not find it in a foreign city. All seniors admitted that this option is very useful, because often talking on the phone we cannot explain where we are. By sharing our exact location, we do not have to explain anything, and the person to whom our location will be shared knows exactly where we are at the moment.