Form for years

Sports activities carried out as part of the project “Young in spirit” No. 2022-2-PL01-ESC30-SOL-000091172 as always every other Wednesday at 5.30 pm at ul. Niemodlińska 40 in the Construction School Complex are very popular. Attendance does not decrease, and seniors are more and more eager for physical activity.

On June 14, there was a lot of movement and jumping, and our participants could see that they are great at any type of exercise. We are very happy that the group is getting more and more advanced!

But calmly, we will slow down soon, the weather is good and reminds us that the holidays are coming soon, and what follows? Summer break. That’s why we train in June and then return to the gym in September.

Of course, we encourage all participants to be active also during the summer break, and conversations with them show that this will be the case! Our seniors are in shape not for the summer but for years.