World Bee Day in the Private Nursery and Kindergarten “Świat Dziecka” in Siewierz

World Bee Day celebrated on May 20, 2023. it is an opportunity to remind you how important the work of bees is in the environment, as well as to indicate the role that these industrious insects play in obtaining food. It is also an excuse to think about what we can do to protect these useful insects.

On that day, in the Non-Public Nursery and Kindergarten “Świat Dziecka” in Siewierz, a lecture on beekeeping was held for children from the group: Smurfs, Leprechauns and Kropeczki. The lecturer Mrs. Milena presented the youngest participants of the project “Little with age, but big with eco-heart!” project number: 2022-3-PL01-ESC30-SOL-000097905 the importance of bees for the environment, for people, for the entire planet. During the lecture, she also raised the issue of protecting bee friends and preventing the increasingly serious problem of their extinction.

In order to familiarize children with the secrets and curiosities related to the life of bees and honey production, preschoolers visited the educational and nature path in the City Park in Siewierz. There they saw entomological cabinets with specimens of insects, including various species of bees.

The youngest also made creative art works of bee motifs on their own. They consolidated the acquired knowledge during games, fun and quizzes about bees.
At the end, the children could taste the honey. The day was busy and interesting for everyone, and the effects can be seen in the gallery.