Film screening – Getting to know cultural heritage through film

As part of the project “What do we know about tolerance” No. 2022-1-PL01-KA152-YOU-000067324, another meeting was held where Polish youth broadened their knowledge about our eastern neighbor. According to the assumptions of the project, one of the two planned film screenings took place during this meeting. The screening was accompanied by a snack, which took the form of everyone’s favorite pizza.

During the classes, the participants watched the documentary “Erase the nation” showing the damage to the cultural heritage of Ukraine made since February 24, 2022. by Russian troops. The film shows the remnants of monuments, e.g. in Lviv, Czernichów, Iwanków, Kiev or Kharkiv.

After watching the shocking film, the students discussed the events that have taken place since February 24 last year. Each of the participants approaches the topic of the war that is happening on our eastern border very emotionally and sympathizes with what the neighbors are forced to experience. A large part of the project participants, wanting to somehow contribute to supporting people from Ukraine, declared that they provide, among others, in collecting clothes, medicines or other necessities.