Handicraft workshops in the kindergarten “Easter palm”

An important element accompanying the celebration of Easter is the Easter palm. To make it unique, you must make it yourself. Beautiful, ecological palm trees were created with the participation of our youngest participants in the project “Little with age, but big with eco-heart!” project number: 2022-3-PL01-ESC30-SOL-000097905, implemented in the Non-Public Nursery and Kindergarten “Świat Dziecka” in Siewierz. Handicraft workshops were conducted in three groups: Leprechauns, Smurfs, Dots.

Thanks to the professional guidance of preschool teachers: Mrs. Milena, Mrs. Marta, Mrs. Sylwia, as well as the involvement and efforts of the children, unique and one-of-a-kind eco-palms for Easter were created. To make a palm tree, preschoolers used ecological materials (bases, ribbons), recycled materials with the addition of natural materials (bottle caps, cartons, dry flowers) and decorative materials (cotton, tissue paper).

The effects of the work of the youngest participants of the project are presented below.