We get to know Google Maps

The core group of participants in the “E-Senior 2” project No. 2022-1-PL01-ESC30-SOL-000067331 find themselves more and more efficiently in the virtual world. Seniors are satisfied with the skills they have acquired so far and are eager to learn something new.

During the classes on March 29, together with the participants, we got acquainted with Google Maps. We got to know all the features of this application. From mapping out a route on how to get to the bus and finding a stop, to watching local restaurants on the map. Then we learned how to share the route with someone, e.g. on the phone. Seniors admitted that it is very useful in a new place, when we do not know the city, and we need to get to a given place or want to check what interesting things can be visited in a given area. P

articipants feel more and more confident with the knowledge they receive in class. They want to travel and feel more and more independent, which we are extremely happy about.