Easter eco-baskets

On March 30, 2023, a group of Smurfs, Leprechauns and Kropeczek from the Non-Public Nursery and Kindergarten “Świat Dziecka” in Siewierz participated in handicraft workshops. This time, preschoolers prepared Easter eco-baskets. The youngest showed great ingenuity and commitment. To make the baskets, the children used plastic PET bottles and string, giving these items a second life. They decorated the baskets with tissue paper, colored paper and styrofoam eggs.

The work was not easy at all, the task was difficult and demanding cooperation. From under the talented hands of preschoolers, colorful eco-baskets for Easter began to appear.

Handicraft workshops were organized as part of the European Solidarity Corps program entitled “Little with age, but big with eco-heart!” project number: 2022-3-PL01-ESC30-SOL-000097905.