Folk Youth

More classes as part of the project “What’s playing in your heart?” No. – 2022-2-PL01-ESC30-SOL-000090896 sounded in folk sounds.

An increasingly large group creates a group of our participants. Information about our classes in superlatives reaches a wider audience, which makes us very happy!

We started the classes (of course, not forgetting about the vocal warm-up) with theoretical classes. Pola Kardas, the host, guided the participants through the basics of reading notes on a staff and all additional signs that may appear on it. Thanks to this knowledge, we were able to look at the new songs in a more understandable way. 🙂

What notes were waiting for us? Folk music! Red Berries and Lipka were not a challenge for us. Quick learning of the text, division of voices, deciphering the notes and the participants once again did a great job with the final recordings.

On March 23, we invite you to the next meeting. Film music will enter the classes as in the salons! We can’t wait to see what arrangements our host is preparing!