Meeting with the chef

On December 2, 2022. there was a meeting of seniors with the chef – Mr. Edward Trojanowski, organized as part of the “World on a Plate” project – project number 2021-2-PL01-ESC30-SOL-000040182.

Edward took his first steps in the restaurant of the Novotel Hotel in Sosnowiec, where he went through all levels of the profession. Continuing his passion for the profession, he worked as a chef managing the kitchen for the next few years. Currently, he is a culinary trainer, training advisor and teacher of practical vocational training. Combining unusual flavors in traditional dishes, he aroused a passion for cooking among seniors.

The chef presented the seniors with easy-to-digest dishes, full of flavors and colors, i.e.:

    • smoked poultry tenderloins under a “bacon blanket”;
    • Sous Vide cod fillet in lemon sauce;
    • Sous Vide tenderloins with curry sauce and halloumi cheese.

An evening full of flavors, colors and smells ended with a joint tasting of the prepared dishes, and there was no end to admiration for the taste and aesthetics of the serving.