Summary of the “Colors of Life” project

The project “Colors of Life” No. 2021-1-PL01-ESC30-SOL-000036535 implemented as part of the European Solidarity Corps has come to an end.

The students of the Transport Technical School No. 4 in Sosnowiec actively participated in the project. Participants raised their level of knowledge about various diseases that affect young people. They touched on an extremely important aspect of tolerance of patients by their peers. During the project, participants became aware of the importance of well-being and how they can take care of it. Each of the people participating in the project, through their involvement, had the opportunity to realize how important it is to take care of physical and mental health. Thanks to group work, each participant could get to know and understand the needs of others, becoming more sensitive to other people.

As part of the summary of the project and the dissemination of the results, a guide “How to take care of well-being” and a calendar for 2023 “Colors of life” were created, which took the form of electronic flipbooks. Both materials are open to the public and free.

The published guide contains information on well-being and how to achieve it. The prepared compendium gathers useful knowledge and tasks aimed at making people aware of the factors affecting the sense of fulfillment and satisfaction with life.

The calendar for 2023 has been designed in a manner consistent with the course of the project. The appearance of each of the twelve months is devoted to the topics of diseases, well-being and tolerance, just as it was during the project. In each month, important dates related to the previously mentioned issues were marked.

Due to the large response of satisfied people who participated in the project, we will want to continue it in the future.