Recruitment for the E-Senior II project is starting!

Recruitment for the E-senior project is starting!

  • Who are we looking for?

People over 60 who want to learn to use a computer or increase their current knowledge.

  • What we offer?

We are opening two groups in Opole. One of the groups will learn to use the computer from scratch. In small steps adapted to the pace of the group’s work. The group will have a maximum of 10 people. The second group will have classes at the intermediate level. Here we will develop the skills we already have.

  • When?

We are starting already in October 2022. Therefore, we are waiting for applications until the end of August!

  • What is the cost?

Classes are completely free for the duration of the project!

  • How to apply?

You can personally at our headquarters located at ul. Katowicka 65 / 3A (second floor)
By phone – 534 884 489 or 500 714 676
By e-mail-
The most important information we need to hear is your willingness to participate and what your group is interested in!
If you have more questions, call or write to us!