Trip – Siewierz Forest District

On July 13, 2021. The group of “Smurfs” and “Skrzats” of the Non-Public Nursery and Kindergarten “Children’s World” in Siewierz participated in the first trip to the Education Center of the Siewierz Forest District. The bus ride itself was a great attraction for preschoolers.
On site, all participants were greeted by Piotr, forester, Tomek, and two lovely interns. At the beginning, employees of the Siewierz Forest District conducted a talk with preschoolers on ecology, the environment and caring for nature. Later, the foresters showed the children exhibits of animals and birds at the Center. Children listened to and recognized the sounds of animals, recognized them by traces. They could have stamped animal stamps. They arranged a hedgehog from puzzles.
Preschoolers were most interested in a walk along the educational path, where children could see a pasture, a nest box, a hunting pulpit, and wonderful trees.
The summary was a visit to the pond turtles that were lying in the sun.
Foundation for education SMART would like to thank the Siewierz Forestry Inspectorate for the opportunity to experience many unforgettable moments.
Workshops conducted as part of the project “Give your things a second life”