We welcome spring with major changes

Our training in Kluszkowce was the last one we had under the supervision of our wonderful trainer. Due to his further career plans, we were forced to say goodbye to him. We would like to thank him for all his commitment, a number of good advice, support, time and of course for the knowledge he passed on, and at the same time we wish him many successes in his further professional career!

On March 6, we covered the paths around Lake Turawa for the first time in a smaller group. However, the knowledge and experience gained so far allowed us to continue training ourselves. Because in both groups, everyone agreed that one person should lead the group in order to maintain discipline and the old climate of training. In each of the groups, the leaders selected at the beginning took on new – coaching duties. During the last three weeks, participants had the opportunity to check the effectiveness of their groups’ training, after the changes introduced. We are proud to say that despite the new challenge, both groups are doing their best! 🙂

These are no longer just routine workouts designed to increase the health, awareness and physical endurance of participants. These workouts have become their true passion! We could not have dreamed of better results of our training. Constant commitment, systematicity, constant raising the bar, focus on constant progress and promoting the idea of ​​leading a healthy lifestyle among others, have become indispensable elements of their new everyday life. We can only praise, admire and wait for even more great news. : D

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