The little exchange event at the “My Rynek” commune market in Mierzęcice

On a very windy Friday, March 19, 2021. at the “My Rynek” commune market in Mierzęcice at ul. Wolności, there was a free exchange of clothes, the so-called Szafing.

The event was publicized in good time by putting up information posters in nearby towns. Posters were hung on poles, notice boards, local shops, supermarkets, schools and kindergartens. The campaign was held under the slogan “Give your clothes a second life”. From the early hours of the morning, local residents brought unnecessary but wearable used clothes to our stand to replace them with other clothes. Szafing was successful. Ladies asked for the next time, which we already know will take place in April.

We must be aware that by taking part in the above-mentioned events, we give a second life to our things, and at the same time we care for our environment. Changing clothes is not only pro-educational, but also economical.