The little exchange event at the NŻiP “Children’s World” in Siewierz

On February 19, 2021, on Friday at At 2 p.m. in the Non-Public Nursery and Kindergarten “Children’s World” in Siewierz, the action of exchanging individual items was carried out. Two days before the planned operation, an exchange rack was placed in the corridor of the kindergarten. This unique object encouraged children and parents to bring toys, books, bricks, puzzles, stuffed animals and other things that could still be useful to someone.
The presence of individual members of the initiative group on the day of the exchange campaign significantly contributed to the increased interest in the action.
The action made it possible to share (almost) everything. She popularized the idea of ​​a cashless exchange of goods – says the coach of the project “Give your things a second life”.