„Gingerbread Secrets” Culinary Workshops

On 16.12.2020 the groups of “Baby Bears” and “Baby Tigers” of “The Rainbow Land” Private Kindergarten in Dąbrowa Górnicza participated in “Gingerbread Secrets” culinary workshops.

Preparing pastries and decorating went smoothly and easily. Everyone liked cutting Christmas shapes – Christmas trees, stars, snowmen and angels with the help of cookie cutters. Everyone in the kindergarten could smell baked gingerbread, which introduced everyone to the festive mood. The fun was excellent and the gingerbread cookies were wonderful.

Each gingerbread cookie was completely different, because they had different shapes, they were also decorated with various icing and sprinkles. After decorating, each of the children had the opportunity to taste their baked goods. Other beautifully decorated gingerbread cookies are already waiting for Christmas wafer meeting in the kindergarten. From these activities children acquired many pleasant and attractive experiences.