PARSIFAL, LEGEND SEEKER 2018-1-PL01-KA201-050865 the project is implemented under the Erasmus + program.

Project idea to respond to a growing trend among young people – insufficiently developed reading and writing skills

One of the reasons for this is the excessive use of ICT resources and tools, but without proper targeting. Since it is impossible to eliminate or reduce the need to use computers, the Internet and especially smartphones, they must be used as research aids or sources of information.

The second negative consequence of ubiquitous ICT is that teenagers identify themselves more with virtual reality than with local reality, and as a result, ties with local traditions, culture, history and legends are lost.

The aim of the project is to use ICT resources that will motivate teenagers to search for news and read about local / local / national legends, stories and myths. It also promotes the use by teachers of modern teaching methods, focused on the student, multidisciplinary, based on action and practice, instead of theory.

The results are:

  • increasing the level of reading and writing skills among teenagers,
  • increasing the motivation to read,
  • arousing interest in one’s own roots, history, culture and traditions
  • ability to use smartphones, the Internet and applications as teaching aids and sources of information
  • promoting a student-centered teaching methodology based on action, individual approach and group work The project will include: – online legends collection in English and native language – essay / analysis of the similarities in Polish, Italian, Romanian, Bulgarian and Lithuanian legends – an interactive map that will allow you to visit partner countries along the routes of legends